Real-Time Healthcare Captioning for Late-Deafened Individuals

Who are late-deafened individuals, and how can we make healthcare more accessible for them? Late-deafened individuals, in general, are those who experience hearing loss after childhood. Most late-deafened adults have oral communication skills that they obtained before their hearing loss. Trauma, long-term exposure to loud noises, such as in the workplace, and illnesses can allContinue reading “Real-Time Healthcare Captioning for Late-Deafened Individuals”

Five Tips to Prepare for Your Healthcare Visit

Use these five tips to make the most of your healthcare visit. 1. Let Your Healthcare Provider Know Your Accommodation Needs The sooner you can let your healthcare provider know of your accommodation needs, the better prepared they can be to handle your needs. As a patient, you have the right to communication access underContinue reading “Five Tips to Prepare for Your Healthcare Visit”