Planning for Communication Access During a Healthcare Crisis

Communication access in healthcare is a right under the ADA. With the current COVID-19 crisis, communication access is increasingly needed, and simultaneously strained. Patient isolation requirements, face masks, and limited visitor policies can leave those with communication needs without communication access. As a patient, there are many things you can do to prepare in theContinue reading “Planning for Communication Access During a Healthcare Crisis”

Real-Time Healthcare Captioning for Late-Deafened Individuals

Who are late-deafened individuals, and how can we make healthcare more accessible for them? Late-deafened individuals, in general, are those who experience hearing loss after childhood. Most late-deafened adults have oral communication skills that they obtained before their hearing loss. Trauma, long-term exposure to loud noises, such as in the workplace, and illnesses can allContinue reading “Real-Time Healthcare Captioning for Late-Deafened Individuals”