Scheduling & Cost

Care Captions is a flexible and affordable service.

Let’s work out a patient-centered solution together. You can find more details on scheduling and cost below. We are happy to provide a quote and demo at your request.


We are happy to accommodate any appointment request and situation, from short doctor visits to hospitalizations. While we typically schedule by appointment, we will make every attempt to handle same-day requests.

You may book an on-call session to guarantee that a Service Provider will be available.

Service Fees

Costs for CART and RTI services vary considerably based on your unique needs. Please feel free to contact us for a demo and a quote for your specific situation.


Equipment needs vary based on the patient’s situation and needs. Our Service Providers need an audio source as well as an output source for the patient to view captions.

Like cost, equipment varies based on your unique needs. Please contact Care Captions, and we’ll work out a solution for any situation.

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