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Care Captions provides real-time captioning services for those who are d/Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or otherwise require communication access in the healthcare setting.

Care Captions services are 100% remote and easy-to-use. Real-time captioning is free to patients with communication needs, as well as family members of the patient who may have communication needs.

Verbatim and meaning-for-meaning real-time options available!

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In order to serve you best, Care Captions will schedule directly with your healthcare provider. Call or e-mail Care Captions to give us some details about your appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Learn more about Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), Remote Text Interpreting (RTI), tips for making the most of your doctor’s visit, and more.

“Care Captions is like Closed Captions for the doctor’s office”

Real-time captioning. . .is a service in which a transcriber types what is being said at a meeting or event into a computer that projects the words onto a screen. This service. . .is particularly useful for people who are deaf or have hearing loss but do not use sign language.”