Patient FAQ

Q: Is Care Captions, LLC a verbatim (word-for-word) service?

A: Care Captions, LLC provides both verbatim and “meaning-for-meaning” services. Verbatim means that all spoken words, including, “um,” “uh,” etc. is relayed in the transcript.

Our specialized meaning-for-meaning (RTI) Service Providers work in real-time to relay what is said by your healthcare provider, while omitting “um’s,” false starts, and other distracting phrases. This results in an easier-to-read transcript. The Service Provider relays all original intended meaning.

Q: What does real-time or CART/RTI mean?

A: CART means Communication Access Real-Time Translation. RTI means Remote Text Interpreting. Real-time captioning is done live, not after the event from an audio recording. As the speaker speaks, the Service Provider types what is said and you can see what is said on a tablet or similar device with only a few seconds of lag time.

Q: Can I use my own phone or tablet?

A: In most cases, yes. You will need to sign a privacy release in order to use your own phone or tablet. Care Captions is a HIPAA & HITECH compliant company, and we safeguard your protected health information to every extent possible while providing services. We are happy to provide equipment with enough notice. Do note that using your own phone or tablet may use your minutes and/or data.

Q: Will I be charged for this service?

A: No, as long as you carry a diagnosis that requires communication assistance, these services are free to you under the ADA. Covered entities (e.g. healthcare providers that serve the public) are required to provide these services to you under the ADA, unless it would cause an undue burden on the organization.

Q: I am non-verbal. Can I use Care Captions, LLC’s services?

A: Yes, as long as you can read/write in the English language, you can use Care Captions. Non-verbal patients can have a Service Provider “voice” responses.

Q: In what healthcare setting can I use Care Captions in?

A: Any healthcare setting. Whether you need same-day, on-call, or future/ongoing appointment services, Care Captions can work out a solution for your situation. We provide services during doctor and dentist appointments, anesthesia consultations, hospital stays, therapy appointments, and more!

Q: Will I have access to the transcript after the event?

A: Yes, Care Captions sends a final, edited transcript to your healthcare provider within 48 hours of your event. This becomes part of your medical record, and you may request your medical records through your healthcare provider’s office.

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