Provider Information

Care Captions provides real-time captioning services for those who are d/Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or otherwise require communication access in the healthcare setting.

Services are 100% remote, HIPAA & HITECH compliant, and easy-to-use. We have verbatim (CART) and meaning-for-meaning (RTI) real-time captioning options.

How It Works

Learn more about Care Captions and our Service Providers, our mission, and more.

Scheduling and Pricing

To best serve your patients, services must be set up between Care Captions and the healthcare provider’s office, not the patient. Learn more about scheduling and the cost of services here.

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“Care Captions is like Closed Captions for the doctor’s office!”

Real-time captioning. . .is a service in which a transcriber types what is being said at a meeting or event into a computer that projects the words onto a screen. This service. . .is particularly useful for people who are deaf or have hearing loss but do not use sign language.”