Provider FAQ

Q: Is Care Captions a verbatim service?

A: Care Captions provides both verbatim (CART) and meaning-for-meaning (RTI) services. Verbatim means that every spoken word, including, “um,” “uh,” etc. is relayed in the real-time transcript.

RTI is a meaning-for-meaning service. By omitting false starts, um’s, ah’s, etc. the patient can more easily follow along with what is being said. The text flows more naturally than it would verbatim. The Service Provider conveys all original intended meaning by the speaker.

Q: What does real-time or CART/RTI mean?

A: CART means Communication Access Real-Time Translation. RTI means Remote Text Interpreting. Real-time captioning is done live, not after the event from an audio recording. As the speaker speaks, the Service Provider types what is said and you can see what is said on a tablet or similar device with only a few seconds of lag time.

Q: What kind of patients would benefit from using Care Captions?

A: Anybody who has difficulties in processing spoken words can benefit from the use of Care Captions. People who are d/Deaf, people who have autism, an auditory processing disorder, etc. can all benefit.

Q: What if my patient asks for a Sign Language interpreter?

A: You should make every attempt to use your patient’s preferred means of communication, according to the ADA. If a Sign Language interpreter is not available, let the patient know, and provide information about Care Captions as an alternative. As long as your patient can read written English, they can use Care Captions.

Q: Can patients who are nonverbal use Care Captions?

A: Yes, patients who are nonverbal can use Care Captions. If someone asks the patient a question that requires a response, the patient can type their response into a message bar, and the Service Provider will see the message and “voice” the response through the microphone for the healthcare provider to hear. The patient would need to be able to type responses in English.

Q: Is Care Captions HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes, Care Captions is HIPAA & HITECH compliant, and we require a Business Associate Agreement before providing services. We have a Business Associate Agreement in place with Google to ensure secure communications, as well as with our Service Providers.

Q: Will the patient have access to the conversation after the appointment?

A: Yes, an edited transcript is sent to the provider’s office within 48 hours of the event, and is to be retained in the patient’s medical record. The patient will be directed to your healthcare office’s Medical Records department to request the transcript.

Q: Who is responsible for the costs of these services?

A: If you’re a Covered Entity, defined by HIPAA section 45 CFR 160.103, your organization is responsible for the costs of Care Captions, LLC’s services under the ADA, unless it would cause an undue burden on your organization.

Q: Can my organization get any help paying for these services?

A: Yes, there are tax credits and deductions available in certain circumstances. Please see the ADA website here for more information.

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