Five Tips to Prepare for Your Healthcare Visit

Use these five tips to make the most of your healthcare visit.

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1. Let Your Healthcare Provider Know Your Accommodation Needs

The sooner you can let your healthcare provider know of your accommodation needs, the better prepared they can be to handle your needs.

As a patient, you have the right to communication access under the ADA. Give Care Captions a call if we can advocate for your needs.

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2. Check With Your Insurance Company

Nobody wants to get a bill after seeing a healthcare provider, especially an unexpected bill. With Telehealth on the rise, it is important to know how your visit will be covered.

Check with your insurance company to see how your visit will be covered so you can plan accordingly. All insurance companies and plans are different, and the healthcare provider’s office will not know the details of your specific plan.

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3. Write Down Your Subjective And Objective Signs And Symptoms

Prepare for your appointment by writing out your symptoms. Note the date when your symptoms started, anything you’ve tried to help your symptoms, and whether it helped or not.

You should note objective signs if you have them, like your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and any physical changes in your body that you can see.

Also, note your subjective symptoms, such as pain level, how your symptoms feel, and if your symptoms have gotten better or worse over the duration of your healthcare issue.

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4. Write Down Your Questions Ahead Of Time

Between the anxiety caused by a healthcare issue, White Coat Syndrome, and time limits, it can be easy to forget what questions you had for your healthcare provider.

Write down your questions ahead of your appointment so that you don’t have to think of questions on the spot.

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5. Find An Advocate

Not sure how to request Care Captions services for your appointment? Or, has your healthcare provider told you that they cannot accommodate your request?

Let Care Captions know, and we are happy to advocate for your right to communication access under the ADA. You can also talk to the “Interpreter Services” department at your healthcare provider’s office, and they should be able to help.

Contact us to schedule or learn more!

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