Five Benefits of Providing Real-Time Captioning for Your Patients

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Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) services, like Care Captions, provide real-time access to all spoken word in the healthcare setting.

CART services are versatile. remote and discreet. Below are five ways that CART services can help patients in healthcare settings.

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1. The Right to Make Informed Healthcare Decisions

While writing notes back and forth or relying on a patient’s family member for communication with a patient might be convenient, it is not usually recommended when diagnosis and treatment is discussed.

Communication between family members can also be strained, or misunderstood, especially when emotions are involved.

Using CART services for interactions involving sensitive or life-changing health information involves the patient, gives them autonomy and gives them the right to make informed healthcare decisions on their own.

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2. CART Can Be Used For Many Communication Needs

CART can be used for a variety of patient needs and not just for those who are d/Deaf or hearing impaired.

While Sign Language interpreters are useful for those who use Sign Language, there are many people who lose their hearing later in life, have an auditory processing disorder, or who don’t know or use Sign Language.

Care Captions can fill in where Sign Language interpreters are not available or able to be used. Of course, if your patient requests a Sign Language interpreter, you should provide them with one.

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3. Remote Service Are Safer And More Efficient

While some CART services are provided in person, Care Captions is provided 100% remotely. Remote, real-time captioning allows for better coverage of assignments, and it is safer for patients and healthcare personnel.

Vulnerable populations, such as those with a compromised immune system and the elderly, benefit from having less people around them in the healthcare setting.

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4. On-Call CART Services are Convenient

With some notice, on-call CART services can easily be arranged. Whether you need services for a one-day outpatient procedure, or a longer inpatient hospital stay, we can arrange to have a Transcriber standing by and ready for your call as soon as you need services.

With on-call services, the patient can have peace of mind that they will have services when they need them, and the healthcare provider can keep up with their schedule, not wait on a Service Provider to be available.

Providing CART Services is Good Patient Care

Good patient care starts with good communication. Being prepared to provide communication access that is easy to use and there when your patient needs it will not only improve your patient care scores, but will also strengthen your patient’s trust in you and your healthcare facility.

Do you have a plan in place for patients with communication needs who don’t use Sign Language? If not, Care Captions can help!

Contact Care Captions to learn more about how you can provide real-time captioning services to your patients with communication needs.

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