COVID-19 Response

Do you have a patient in isolation due to COVID-19?

Care Captions is committed to the right to make informed healthcare decisions, especially during times like these. Now, more than ever, remote services like Care Captions are being called on to serve vulnerable populations. We perform services 100% remotely and are HIPAA & HITECH compliant. Safeguarding protected health information is among our most important roles.

Care Captions is prepared to accept service requests related to all healthcare needs, including care related to COVID-19 and patients in isolation. Your information, and your patient’s information, is always safe with Care Captions.

At this time, we are not sending out Care Captions, LLC’s equipment. As a healthcare provider, your facility can provide a tablet or similar device for your patient to use. Your patient can also use their own tablet or phone. Make sure you have dependable WiFi if your patient will be using their own device.

If you’re a patient, know that you have the right to clear and accurate communication in the healthcare setting, no matter your communication need. If you’re a healthcare provider, we thank you for your commitment to patients and their health during this crisis. We also thank you for your concern regarding communication access.

Care Captions is prepared to provide services to fit your unique needs. If you need help accessing services, or if you would like to schedule services, please contact us.

Take care,

Care Captions

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